Every special spot found in this blog was found by accident on our adventures through the Yorkshire Dales. But since we did manage to stumble upon such awesome spots to enjoy, we thought we would share them with you!

The Dales are a beautiful expanse of winding roads and rolling hills. From snow at the top to running rivers at the bottom, every inch will have your mouth wide open with awe.


We started from the North East side of the National Park, heading into Grinton, a beautiful old-stone village that has turnings to the left and right as you go through it. We took both turnings on different days and they led to two very different experiences.

After only a short drive from the green covered Grinton, we found ourselves up on top of the hills and immediately in the snow. This was quite a surprise, being used to the winding mountain roads in Europe, it was quite a shock that just a few turns could place you into snow!


But seeing the endless white scene ahead was a beautiful escape that lead to some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen in England. We eventually ended up seeing the somewhat relieving site of the green below and headed down the hills towards the Aysgarth Falls.

Aysgarth Falls


The Yorkshire Dales are full of flowing water, coursing its way from the snow topped hills down through the forests below. It’s a beautiful site to see the fresh water tumbling down falls and over pebbles in streams, well worth a stop off on your way through the park.


Ribblehead Viaduct Bridge


In non-stop amazement, we drove so far we ended up reaching Kendal which is at the beginning of the Lake District National Park, the complete other side of the Dales! However, you do need to go right to the west side of the Dales to reach the Ribblehead Viaduct bridge.

We were caught up in some pretty bad weather, but still the views of the bridge were so worth the trip. The huge stone-built bridge towers across the Dales, magnificent in its age and beauty. It still works as a railway too, catch a train to Carlisle Station if you want to get the full bridge experience.


Tan Hill Inn

The next day we headed out to Grinton again, only to take the right turning out of the village this time. The night before we had spoken to a bar man at length about this pub that was the highest pub in Great Britain. We strangely ended up taking a few scary wrong turns from Grinton only to reach the Tan Hill Inn at the end!

With no warning about the need for a 4×4 we headed up some scarily steep hills on our way to get there. Lost in a sea of white, we skidded our way along the top of the hills, it is definitely best to drive a 4×4 if you go up into the hills in search of this pub mid winter!


Before long the pub was in site! We met only one other car on our travels up this mountain, but it is so worth the trip for a pint on top of the world! The views up there are stunning and the pub is ancient with no neighbours in site.

It’s a must visit when driving through this part of the world. If you get there on a clear evening, you can even see the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights from within its cosy walls.


In winter you will need a car unless running or cycling in the snow is up your street. But visit the highlights in this blog, and you will be sure to feel accomplished! Every new road leads to a new beautiful scene in the Dales, it’s a proper adventure that all who love nature should try!