Middleton Lodge is an absolutely perfect place to stay when visiting the Yorkshire Dales. We went up for a special getaway and it couldn’t have been more lovely. The place is beautiful, set in the grounds of the Middleton Lodge Estate the views are nothing but the colourful forest and fields surrounding.


A short drive away from the National Park, it is idyllically situated for a visit to the wondrous hills. Winding your way to the Dales in the morning is made easier by the beautiful towns along the way. This part of Yorkshire really has its own look and feel, truly rural and unique to behold.


We stayed in the Farmhouse, a beautiful old cottage out-house just across the way from the main Coach House. These are the ideal rooms to book if you are looking for a private stay, or to rent the full house in which you have a kitchen and living room to hang out in. Decorated in a provincially simple but chic style, everything is very tasteful and perfectly suited to its surroundings.


We had a bath in our bedroom (such a delight!) and we managed to make very good use out of it. ‘Bath in the morning as well as in the evening’ became our Yorkshire motto. There’s also large, comfortable beds and the lovely Yorkshire Tea is provided with biscuits to add extra comfort to your stay.


We were very lucky to have received breakfast in bed during our stay. This wasn’t strictly part of Middleton Lodge’s natural offering, however it did serve to show how wonderful their staff really are. Fresh fruit, croissants plain and chocolate, coffee and fresh orange juice came hurrying their way over to the cottage to greet our delighted expressions! This was the final straw when it came to falling for this lovely hotel.


Where you would usually be dining at the hotel is in the Coach House. This holds the magnificent restaurant and bar, where the food is gourmet and simply delicious. Cocktails are held beforehand in the ‘snug’ which has the fire lit all day, thus making it a perfect place to warm your feet up after a long day in the Dales. We managed to drink them out of their Fleurie red wine, but when it’s restocked it comes highly recommended!


A special mention must go to the staff of this hotel who were absolutely above and beyond when it came to accommodating our wishes. They were friendly and informative at every point and made what was an already joyous stay far better. If you are heading to Yorkshire (or even if you aren’t) you should definitely stay at the Middleton Lodge. I already miss it!