I stopped by for a cosy stay in the lovely rooms above The Culpeper pub in London. This was already one of my favourite pubs to eat and drink in, and as expected, the rooms above did not disappoint!

Situated in Spitalfields, nearly dead opposite the market, the hotel is marvellously situated. Very close to both Aldgate East and Liverpool Street tube stations, you are right where you want to be if shopping, drinking, eating or dancing are your purpose on this London trip!


There are only five rooms upstairs from the pub, all of which posses the charming character found throughout the rest of the building. The rooms have been designed in a cosily-cool and shabby-chic style, with comfort at their heart.

In ours, the old fireplace centred the room and Scandi-esc furniture sat around this perfectly. Knitted pillows and throws adorned the large bed, and images of space were hung above to share their interest in the night sky.


Something that attracted me to this pub-turned-boutique-hotel was the rooftop garden found up the last flight of stairs. They hold events like star gazing up there, which are well worth attending, however the next one has sadly sold out already!

Although London isn’t your first thought when thinking about gazing into the night sky, there’s something so charming about being on a London pub roof that makes it all so desirable.


The staff are really lovely here as well, we arrived hot and bothered from travelling all layered up for the cold. They welcomed us in and offered us a free drink on arrival, we chose champagne to celebrate our choice of stay and toasted what we knew would be a lovely break.


The downstairs pub-restaurant serves delicious food and cocktails from morning til night! They specialise in interesting twists on English dining, and the rooftop garden assists them to have the freshest veg going. Everything has its own Culpeper difference that makes you remember this pub, and they also make a mean stiff drink.


The Culpeper is an absolutely lovely place to dine out and wake up in! Their hosting would make anyone feel welcome and for an original stay in London, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Ideally located, with the best food and style, make this your next London stay!

Book here – http://www.theculpeper.com/