Once arrived at the Artist Residence in Brighton, you instantly see that this bed and breakfast is a native to Brighton’s original shores. Funky from the offset, the boutique hotel is designed beautifully to a relaxed, retro and warmly industrial style.

First greeted by the bar by friendly, laid back staff, we then wound our way up the stripped-back wooden stairs to our room. Each door was presented differently, promising what you knew was going to be an arty retreat inside. We were pleasantly placed in a room with quite an amazing view out onto the Regency Square in front and the sea beyond.


The room was idyllic with uniquely chosen wallpaper covering the space, aptly seaside-styled wooden furniture and a large, fresh looking bed. There were all sorts of goodies stuffed into a basket for your pleasure however, we were magnetised to the view outside.

Artist Residence, Brighton Review

We headed straight out to enjoy the positioning of this hotel whist the sun was out. Only a few steps away from the pebble-covered beach and we were quickly sat on the stripy deckchairs, enjoying some fish and chips in the breeze. How English we felt!

We spent the rest of the day strolling along the seafront and down the pier, then through the colourful lanes, my favourite part of a visit to Brighton. You’ll find all manner of quirky shops and bars down the lanes, though we knew a cocktail lounge awaited us back at the hotel.


Eventually we hurried back to enjoy the brick-a-brac stuffed cocktail bar. Remembering we had a bottle of wine upstairs waiting in our room, we climbed the stairs to continue the giggle-filled night in. The energy in this bed and breakfast is a rare one, effortlessly cool and well mannered, it’s a place I think everyone would love.

Artist Residence, Brighton Review

Waking up to the smell of the sea and feeling the fresh breeze through the window, the wine and cocktails luckily had no lasting effect! You feel bright and bouncy waking up near the sea, and we kept our bounce as we arrived at breakfast. Set in a rustic, industrial-chic bar/cafe area, we ordered full English’s, just to make sure everything was up to standard!

Artist Residence, Brighton Review

The food was delicious and the staff were fun. I am certain that this is one of my favourite bed and breakfasts I have ever stayed in! Anyone should head there for a room with a view of the sea, great service and eye-catching design.

The entrepreneurial couple who started this lovely, growing chain really know what they’re up to. Each hotel is uniquely designed to delight and provide a perfectly presented, cosy stay. We will be returning back as soon as possible!