A stay in The Hoxton hotel in Shoreditch is just the right fit for a city break. The hotel itself is fast paced and uniquely branded, fitting its surroundings. The decor was a perfect blend of industrial and rustic style, offering a place where people can come to meet as well as stay.


The open plan style of the downstairs reception/ restaurant and bar were all interlinked by communal seating areas. Leather with exposed brickwork behind, caged books and large hanging lights made for a busily cool, professional space.


I went up to my room, the ‘Cosy’ room, currently being offered on various internet sites for £80 per night, unrivalled luxury for the price. It was immediately authentic with no expense spared. For a compact room there was more than enough space with its clever design. The desk and arm chair were lovely touches, encouraging you to feel more at home than the usual bed and TV combination.


Music was playing as I entered, coming from a black Roberts Radio which suited the retro chic vibe perfectly, and set a scene as you walked in. Rarely do you find a hotel that follows though so well with their style. Fresh London class.


It left you wanting for nothing, except perhaps some biscuits as there were none in the room, but even that was probably a good thing! The concierge let me know that there was a free breakfast bag option included in the room price. You fill it in with the time you’d like and wait for it to be filled overnight. I awoke at the same time as the bag was being filled outside, I heard the rustling and felt what can only be likened to the feeling of Christmas morning as a child. (Extreme I know, but still it was exciting)

Inside came a granola and yogurt pot, two bananas and some freshly squeezed orange juice. All morning perfect and delicious. This was light relief after I had gotten over excited at the Hoxton Grill for dinner the night before.


The restaurant is styled like an up market diner with leather booths and an open kitchen. They serve simple, rustic, barbecue based dishes done to an excellent standard. I had the fat boy burger, that’s not what they called it but it should be. Safe to say it went down a treat.

Overall The Hoxton lived up to it’s reputation and exceeded it. The place is cool, everywhere you look there is something designed to perfectly capture your attention. I would stay there again in a heartbeat and recommend it to all ages visiting London. Hopefully a second stay may not be far away, as they give a 25% discount on your next stay with the room key.