A long stay on the Torre delle Stelle is like stepping back in time, to an age where local is everything and the modern world is yet to be invented. Dusty tracks lead you from village to village, up winding rocky mountains, down to beautiful, aqua marine coloured coasts. 

I found Sardinia to be beautifully unspoiled with a distinctive culture that everyone should see. Although it’s true beauty is that not everyone is seeing it, somehow its reputation for being expensive has luckily kept tourists away. However, the majority of the island offers modest trip prices for a stay in unfettered paradise.

I decided to stay on the Torre delle Stelle coast, a wonderfully unfinished strip of coastline on the south side of the island. Along from the capital, Caligari, it remains oblivious to modern stresses. The beaches are unblemished by industry, they lay like a secret somehow yet to be discovered.


July and August in any desirable area is bound to be an expensive affair, but seeing as Sardinia has warm weather nearly all year round, if you stay out of season you can find steals for deals on simply luxury. Two of the delightful places I found to stay in were the Stellina Bed and Breakfast, and the Island In The Sun bungalow villa.

Depending on the type of trip you are embarking on, both of these options offer the best location for captivating prices. The Stellina B and B actually goes above and beyond, serving dinner as well as breakfast in buffet style. The accommodation is right on the coast with views of the sea from its terrace, it has a charmingly rustic appeal to its appearance and is designed with outside living in mind. They have 13 bedrooms priced at £125 off season and £195 in peak.

The Island In The Sun bungalow villa is for four or six people. This sat directly on the beach with steps from your front door leading right into the breathtakingly clear waters. The owners David and Nathalie are impeccable hosts and will gladly tell you everything you need to know about the area. They are on hand to handle your stay in the best possible way.

The bungalow is priced at £369 per night in peak times and when shared between four or six people, this price is pretty amazing for the package on offer. It’s a two double roomed, self catering flat with an optional sofa bed in the living/dining room for an extra two. Again this accommodation is designed to appreciate the vista outside, and the terrace has direct view over the horizon.

One shop catered for the considerable amount of coast line dwellers on the Torre delle Stelle, but this made the experience a very social one, common to most European countries. Sliding quickly into buying fresh food for your daily meals, meeting and getting to know the villagers around you became a daily excitement over the chore it is at home.

Overall I found Sardinia to have considerable provincial charm. There are many hidden joys on the island for visitors to discover, and I would recommend anyone going to go with heat and adventure in mind. Time to discard those thoughts of Sardinia being a ‘rich only’ island, there are many ways to enjoy this island’s luxury without going bankrupt.