The rocky and mountainous terrain that covers most of inland Sardinia makes for excellent adventurous ground to travel. We spent a lot of our time hiking or cycling up the relatively small mountains to discover Sardinia. Breathtaking views await the adventurer on this island, on the way up you can feel a true outback escque sense as there are sparse inhabitants on these arid landscapes.

Something we found as a true cultural treasure of Sardinia were the ancient watchtowers that marked the end of each coastal cliff, built in 1570. There are tours available to discover more on these mysterious relics, but we bypassed this in favour of our own explorations. Walking from one watchtower to another takes some time, but you can better witness the island’s way of life and extraordinary vistas this way.


The coast of Sardinia also offers a host of activities, unlike most islands in the Med, its diving and snorkelling potential wasn’t that of somewhere with a reef. The waters are a unique aqua marine colour, but the fish don’t reveal much more to this than brown sadly. However, many people enjoy paddle boarding and windsurfing as hobbies around the coasts of Sardinia instead.

We tried paddle boarding for the first time here, and it was so much fun! Kneeling then standing felt like a great achievement, but when you get used to it, you can start to cover a lot of ground quickly on a paddle board. What’s best is that paddle boarding is great exercise without really realising you are doing it, which is ideal in my books! Fishing also seemed like a great past time in Sardinia, take a little boat out, crack open a beer, and gaze at the endless clear sea in paradise.


Sardinia can often be overlooked as an Italian subsidiary when it comes to culture, but this is wrong in so many ares. One in particular is their cuisine, Sardinian’s have very much their own style of cooking. Especially found in their bread, cheese and wine, which comes to no shock from the Mediterranean! We found a few special places to dine in that I wanted to share for those heading out there.

A special restaurant we ventured out to near the Torre delle Stelle coast named, Il Miraggio, was a local treat that should be tried whilst on the island. They serve fresh, Sardinian spiced seafood, in a feet-in-the-sand style restaurant that also allows you a perfect view of the radiant sunsets the island is blessed with. (We went on a particularly windy night so don’t let the picture fool you!)


Another place not to miss is the authentic pizzeria in the little town of Villasimus. Here the streets are incandescent with heat from the beating sun, giving the town that old world, bleached and cracked appearance that I love. In between the high street buildings lies the Babylon restaurant, make sure to head here for extra-large and crispy, thin based pizzas for good prices. They’ll do any topping under the sun, but with a Sardinian twist.


Sardinia is practically untouched by the modern, gentrifying world that usually gobbles up beautiful coasts like these fast. Go and visit the rustic and culturally rich Sardinia while it stays unfettered. Walk around and you’ll get a sense of the island’s flavour anywhere you venture. I would recommend anyone to go, adventure, authentic food and views of paradise await you!