Ibiza is brimming with eclectic restaurants across the island, everywhere you look a new and exciting cuisine is popping up to try. My family and I have been visiting Ibiza for over seven years now and the following are a couple of our favourites that I wanted to share with you.

First up is the ever cool, Elements.

Sat on Benirras beach, Elements perfectly fits its surroundings by being a whitewashed haven of natural materials, in a completely open-faced restaurant style. Benirras is my favourite beach on the island, although not without hot competition. The mountainous bay and crystal clear waters make a paradisiacal scene to gaze out on.


Elements is not only a restaurant, it’s a bar, smoothie shack, shop and massage parlour to boot. Although it’s not uncommon for restaurants in Ibiza to incorporate more than one business intertwined with its dining, the Elements club is quickly becoming its own culture. Based around a love of health and wellbeing, you’ll find an extremely varied, light and healthy cuisine here. They really know their stuff when it comes to natural boosts.


The perfect time to visit Elements is in the morning, head down for an early swim in the clear Ibizan waters of Benirras. Then walk over the sand to the restaurant for extraordinary smoothies and a tasty, healthy breakfast to help balance out the other activities found on Ibiza.


Visit their website here – http://elements-ibiza.com

Next up, La Luna Nell’Orto.

This beautiful restaurant is tucked away on the hillside of Sant Miquel. It’s nearly all set outside, spread across the hill and the restaurant centres around a gorgeous, old and winding fig tree. The branches spread out over each table and hold a hanging lamp to light your dining.


This invitingly romantic restaurant always goes above and beyond with their food presentation, whether it’s the blue pasta or jewelled salads. La Luna Nell’Orto certainly deserves a visit when on the island as they never fail to amaze me with their fayre and true Ibizan atmosphere.


They also offer a ‘chillout’ area for relaxing and drinking the exquisite cocktails with your party. Visit La Luna at night to get the best from their lit up hillside, and see the occasional bands play to round off the unforgettable experience.

Visit their website here – http://www.lunanellorto.com/en/

Finally, Cicale.

Cicale is on nearly everyone’s list of best restaurants on the island. Serving authentic and heartfelt Italian cuisine, set under a large and overarching tree filled with lanterns, the restaurant is a beautiful place to dine. With a warming, social atmosphere that everyone enjoys at Cicale, I would advise anyone to visit this Ibizan treasure.


The food always has an interesting twist on Italian dishes you often recognise, and sometimes don’t! But the staff are as engaging as they are passionate, with knowledge of where each ingredient comes from and what it adds to your dish. They inspire you to try new things and only add to the special experience that is Cicale.


If you have a while, make sure to stop by the little shop attached to the bar as well. Selling one-off pieces from around the world. You’ll quickly be lured into conversation and an overwhelming temptation to buy!

Visit their website here – http://www.cicaleibiza.com